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Eland(Taurotragus oryx)

The Cape Eland is Africa’s largest antelope. He can weigh-in at over 2000 pounds.   The largest of the spiral horned antelope, this ox like bovid develops the thick neck, hump, and dewlap characteristic of the Brahma bull. Color is grayish-brown with older males developing a bluish-grey around the neck. Some specimens exhibit faint, vertical stripes down the flanks.

Both bulls & cows carry horns, the bull’s horn’s being noticeably shorter but heavier. Hunting eland with Witkop Safaris can be a challenge, as he tends to be a bit nervous, taking flight at the first sign of danger.

The Eland tends to be found in herds of 8 to 30 animals however; very large herds are not uncommon. He prefers the open woodlands and the scrubby flat veld where is grazes during the day. For his size, he is a remarkable jumper; easily clearing obstacles in excess of 6 or 7 feet. Hunting Eland with Witkop Safaris with the right rifle is of paramount concern. While many are taken with lesser rifles, the .375 would not be considered over-kill! The well-placed shot is always of concern, but a few inches left or right with a lesser caliber may make for a long day of tracking or even the loss of a wounded animal. Hunting eland with Witkop Safaris is best done with a quick pointing double rifle if you have one available. The 9.3 X 74R is an excellent choice as is the afore-mentioned .375 H&H with 286 grain or 300 grain bullets; consider using solids for back-up shots, as this big guy will not go down easy. Hunting Eland with Witkop Safaris, the easy way is by chance encounter while hunting other game; hunting Eland trophy bulls with Witkop Safaris can be extremely challenging, as they are difficult to approach to within shooting range.   You will probably have to walk and stalk for some distance; most will be taken at relatively close range in heavy cover.


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