Health & Medical Issues:

At Witkop Safaris, nothing is more important than our clients' health and safety. Although we do everything possible to ensure our clients have a safe experience, unavoidable accidents do happen. An illness or injury while traveling remotely could require a medical evacuation costing over $100,000. That is why we want to strongly recommend that you protect yourself with Global Rescue, the leading provider of medical evacuation and response services.

Generally speaking, no special vaccinations or inoculations are required to enter South Africa. You might seek your family physician's advice regarding his recommendations for the international traveler. South Africa boasts of some of the finest doctors in the world. She is home to numerous world class hospitals and medical facilities strategically located throughout the country. Ambulance and Air Evacuation service are readily available to transport one on a moments notice to the nearest suitable medical facility. In addition, one might consider the services of independent companies like Global Rescue, which can provide emergency evacuation services world-wide.

The issue of Malaria is always of concern when heading to Southern Africa. While malaria is to be found in some areas of South Africa, primarily the northern reaches of the country near the Mozambique and Botswana borders; Witkop Safaris is located in the Free State Province and is for the most part Malaria free. So because this disease is transmitted by mosquitos, the areas that you will be hunting as well as the time of year are factors which will determine your degree of exposure. During our winter month (May - August), you will hardly see any insects. A few precautions can give you peace of mind and reduce your risk. Your family doctor can prescribe a variety of prophylaxis agents that are approved for prevention. A good insect repellant will also minimize your exposure. Enough about Malaria.

Tap water is safe throughout South Africa, but as some visitors prefer to drink bottled mineral water, Witkop always has a plentiful supply on hand. The sun in Southern Africa can be vicious and we advise the wearing of some type of hat and the use of a good quality sun block (preferably unscented).

In the unlikely event that you become ill or injured for any reason, Witkop Safaris stands ready to provide or arrange transportation to suitable medical treatment facilities.


We recommend that you take out travel and medical insurance prior to departure of your safari. Click here to downlad personalized enrollment form - Global Rescue

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Proper healthcare is never far away but care should be taken in having the necessary vaccinations.
NEVER GIVE YOUR MALARIA MEDICINE AWAY! TAKE IT ALL . Listen up and heed the water and malaria warnings! Sunday is pill day! Start taking it before you go. If you get home and get ill with flu like symptoms make sure your doctor tests you for malaria.

Malaria medication should be started ahead of time, (please consult your physician or pharmacist). Carry in your hand luggage. Northern Province, Kwa-Zulu Natal and Mpumalanga in South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe are susceptible to malaria. Insect repellants in these areas are advisable.

If you use chronic medication, have sufficient medication dispensed to last the trip, and carry it in your hand luggage.
Benadryl tablets and cream. Zinc Ointment. Aspirin. Drixoral . Aleve , great for bad necks, back pain etc. Q Vel (for muscle cramps).
Surfak (stool softener ). Imodium AD (anti diarrhea). Preparation H. Mylanta II (heartburn & indigestion)
Wash & Dry Moist Towelettes .
Spenco Blister Gel Kit. Foot powder. Corn cushions . (If you can not walk you can not hunt.)
Ace bandage. Q tips. Tweezers. Kleenex tissue packs. Sunscreen. Bactine Hydrocortisone. Mentholatum. Eyewash, Band-Aids (all sizes & shapes), eye patches, Iodine & Iodine swabs , Ambesol (toothache), nasal spray, cough drops (no noise in the leopard blind), Unscented liquid soap for body, hair & clothing if needed.

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