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Gemsbok(Oryx gazella)

The Giant Oryx or Gemsbok as he is more commonly called is a magnificent animal. He inhabits the open country and can survive in the harshest of conditions. A native of the Kalahari, he can go without surface water for months taking moisture from what he eats. A gregarious herd animal, he is primarily a grazer but will occasionally browse if necessary.


Extremely aggressive and very dangerous when injured, cornered, or threatened, both sexes carry very long spear-like horns. The female of the specie tends to be slightly smaller in body however her horns, while more slender, are most often longer than those of the male. The cow’s horns tend to curve slightly rearward while the bull’s horns are thicker and straighter. In accessing the trophy with Witkop Safaris, remember that the cow’s horns tend to be longer and will often out-score the bull when hunting Gemsbok with Witkop Safaris.

Hunting the Gemsbok with Witkop Safaris requires a good pair of boots, as you are apt to cover a lot of country. The open country will demand one of the flat shooting rifle and scope combinations. Always alert with excellent eyesight, hearing, and smell, your approach will have to be carefully planned.   This is one of the tough antelope, the .270 caliber should be considered the minimum with a good quality 150 grain bullet. The 7mm and 30 caliber Magnums are even a better choice. Spitzer bullets will work well out in the open country, but if your hunt takes to the bush with Witkop Safaris, heavy for caliber, round nose bullets at modest velocities will bust through the brush without the risk of deflection.

Beware of that predominant humped shoulder; it will try to trick you into shooting too high. Follow the back line of the front leg to about one third into the body and squeeze. Never shoot above the horizontal midline of this beautiful antelope unless you are in need of a good day’s hike. The Gemsbok will provide a wonderful trophy and his meat is one of the most delicious to be found on the continent


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