Crocodile(Crocodylus niloticus)

The Nile Crocodile is truly one of Africa’s most unusual trophies. This prehistoric looking reptile, while somewhat shy, wary, and cautious, can be extremely dangerous if encountered by chance. The “Croc” is a long living, slow growing creature, a trophy sized crocodile may be well over 75 years of age.

Extremely territorial, he feeds mostly on fish but will eat just about anything that he can clamp his powerful jaws around. Trophy assessment and length are very hard to judge with accuracy. An estimate of the distance in inches between the Croc’s nostrils and eyes will be a rough estimate of his overall length in feet. In the final analysis, a really big Croc just looks really big!

Hard to approach , you must try to stalk carefully to within reasonable rifle range of an animal basking on the bank. Shot placement must be precise, either in the brain or the spine. You must anchor the Croc with your first shot, as if he is allowed to re-enter the water, your trophy will be gone forever. The .338 to .375 caliber with 250 grain bullets are a sensible choice if the rifle is sufficiently accurate when hunting Crocodile with Witkop Safaris. A good scope is essential, one of the variables would be a good choice. Place your shot midway between the eyes and ear holes, about two inches below eye level when hunting Crocodile with Witkop Safaris. A shot placed at the end of the Crocodile’s smile will impact the spine and anchor your reptile where he lays when hunting Crocodile with Witkop Safaris. Once this is accomplished, place backup shots through the shoulders until you are confident that he is finished. Good Hunting.


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