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Donald W. "Doc" Pitts continues to fulfill his boyhood dreams with Witkop Safaris as he retires from a 38 years of service in aviation, first as a fighter pilot patrolling the skies in the F-4, F-5 and F-16 aircraft and later as a commercial pilot, traveling to many international destinations on five different continents in the DC-10, A300, B-767 & B-777 aircraft. Don contributes his avid interests in weaponry and hunting to his father who taught him firearms safety, basic marksmanship and various small game & bird hunting skills "the old fashion way"...handed down father to son.

 Today as an Patron Life member of the NRA, Don's focus is on conservation of our natural resources through responsible management while recognizing the circle of life and the importance hunters provide to the preservation of all species while passing on "the harvest" traditions and skills to the next generation.

Don can be found here on safari in South Africa, at our newest location in Serbia or various outdoor locations around the globe - make sure to look him up at our newest booth at the Wanenmacher's Tulsa Arms Show each April & November.

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